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Well ?.. sort oftrashy. The other reason is that when I?m just around the house ? evenwhen I?m not wearing The Ring - I just feel more comfortable wea...inggirl?s clothes - it just seems more natural or something, and I reallylike the way I look when I put on my girl?s clothes and examine myreflection in the mirror. Of course when my folks are home I?ll limitmyself in what I?ll wear in front of them ? limiting myself to the more?unisex looking? of my girl?s clothes. When Mack?s over at my. This body apparently wants to dance andwear bikinis, and have sex with men, and I don't feel I'm completely incontrol of it - when I'm awake and conscious, I'm still in control. Butwhen I'm tired, or when I'm weak, or drunk, I feel like the woman insidetakes control and I become female inside and outside. Anyway, meeting'scancelled. Damn that Xenata and damn her ironic transformations."She kept a low profile that day and the next. Ari, Loani's onetimegirlfriend, kept looking dagger-eyes at. Paula sort of laughed and said "He doesn't come for BJs, but we can try." I always held back to make the sex better.The rules were established that each girl would get two minutes with a one minute break in between, after two rounds, it would go up to 3 minutes, then four, etc. No words could be spoken by the ladies and when a turn was up they would let the other girl know by tapping her.The blindfold was put on me and then Paula decided that they needed to tie my hands up, because if he feels. She was glad that he hadn’t tried to kiss her, she enjoyed his warmth in their momentary embrace and smelled his cologne, the one which she complimented him on the other day when they met. She smiled to herself… that smell turned her on. “Come on in” She led him in by the hand and closed the door behind him. Her place was artsy and very clean and tidy, he was relieved. The last girl he dated was even messier than him. They made their way to the couch where he strategically sat in the middle..

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