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Oh Yess! Oh Fuck&hellip,Dont you dare stop now&hellip,Youre making me cum again&hellip, Thrust your fingers into me, while you lick my clit! she pante.... I listened I pressed two fingers into her, and instantly started ravaging her clit with my tongue. She grabbed my head and held me down. I felt her entire beautiful body begin to shake, juices began flooding the carpet. She bucked her hips wildly started cumming, moaning with each wave of orgasm throughout her body. Yes! Ohhh Anthony that was. After we finished the meal we continued to chat and to laugh, and I didnt notice the time passing until I looked up to find we were the only people left in the restaurant. Stuart offered to walk me back to the hotel, which made me laugh again as it was about five steps away. His room was on the ground floor where mine was on the first, and as we approached his room he leaned down and gently kissed me. It doesnt sound like much… just a kiss, but I could feel my bodys hungry response. The kiss. What brings you here tonight, Blake?”He saw an opportunity due to my professed conflict with my husband, and answered, “I’m in town for three days and two nights on business, and thought I’d check out the night scene. Married life hasn’t been all it’s cracked up to be for me lately, and I’m looking for a little fun too.”I could tell that Ben was hanging on every word and enjoying the seduction scene as Blake was trying to woo me. But for the next few minutes, we just made small talk about. He again came to my door asking me if I wanted to play soccer, I immediately agreed. We went to the empty field and after playing for a while he came closer to me and asked, “Do you want to do it”?, I knew what he was referring to, I felt embarrassed and didn’t respond but he placed his hand on my shoulder and started to guide me to the building, I just walked with him knowing what was going to happen.Again, in the basement, a carbon copy of what happened before, he came between my buns and.

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