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“I haven’t heard from him since he left Sunday before last. I need you to find him.”Simon Barnett was the president and majority owner of a priv...tely held conglomerate with revenues in nine or ten figures and a net measured in billions. His office was on the top floor of the Washington Building, but for all the space, I’d heard he employed relatively few people there.The Simon Barnett that I knew was more than a corporate bigwig—and much less. If I were in his position, I’d probably disappear. " She smiled but shook her head, regretting the words as they came out but knowing she had to say them. "I'm serious, Brody. I appreciate everything you did—going out, keeping me from getting too angry, listening to my music. It was really sweet. But . . . okay, I might be assuming here, but I'm not looking for anything else." She hoped she hadn't assumed too much. For all she knew, he'd wanted a friendly peck on the cheek. However, she didn't think she was that inept at reading a guy's signals. Bound and helpless while you watch! Then she brought the steel handcuffs…cuffing my hands behind my back. It was humiliating to watch him with her. To see first hand how much pleasure she received from a cock so much larger than mine. It did turn me on incredibly however. After they had finished he told her to leave me tied. She sat and watched as he turned me face down with my legs spread and ass pointing up. With my hands cuffed tightly I could do nothing. Fear shot through my body. Hearing. My finishers ... my ... Squadra de Ultimados.”The Resistance fighters cheered. Even though the young actor was approaching his 20s, Helen cheered as well. The director yelled “CUT,” said the take was good, and called shooting for the day. The cast dispersed and the crew began shutting down the set.“We can edit out your cheer, Contessa.” Compton turned to her and said. “I thank you again for the promotion. And I’m still sorry about how it’s come about. Eliot was a nice guy.”“Yeah, he was.” Helen.

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