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I doubt if a thief can find anything worth more than a 100 rupees in there.My father explained our situation.The old man kept listening and in the end...he said that in the morning,he will take father to the local village where we can summon the mechanic. My father said that's not possible as he wants to do it immediately and asked the old man to accompany him. The old man said he can't do as he has knee joint problem and needs rest or else he will collapse in the middle.My father was very. '" What right do you have to refuse?" It is part of the agreement, Master." Agreement?" Between our union and the League of Masters, Master." Union? Why would I want to know about a contract involving the Leagueof Masters? I'm not a member." On the contrary, Master, as soon as you made your first wish youbecame a full member, with all the privileges of membership as well asall the obligations. In this case, the contract with our union, local1031, WWBEFIGOD." WWBEFIGOD?" Witches, wizards,. “Midge actually insisted that I bring you along so that we could discover together just what exactly goes on inside the place. She insists that, while it does involve fine dining and sex, no one is ever harmed, and...”Here, Midge jumped in with, “And no one ever complains afterward either,” sparking another giggling fit from her and Jan Pittman, and grins and chuckles from David and Brad.“Just remember,” David instructed, “this is an evening where you give yourself over to all of the pleasures. " "Oh," sheassured me, "you'll be doing PLENTY of that, Charlene. You may start bysliding down to my feet, kissing my legs as you go, removing mystockings, and then slowly working your way back up, massaging all theway. I'm sure you noticed how I danced with every good looking guy atthe reception, so I'm ready to have some unhurried stroking." Absolutely, my Queen," I said as I moved toward the foot of the bed, mymember still trying to escape. "I feel honored. Your skin is so softand.

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