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"Hi." Hi." Come up to the room will you?" Danny, I don't want to fight, it's the day before Christmas for God's sake." Yes I'd noticed." I couldn't the dry sarcasm, she caught it too and sighed wearily as she slipped off the stool and followed me into the lift.Neither of us said a word all the way to our room, until I closed the door and said softly."I've got your Christmas present" You mean a peace offering?" No sweet Jen, I don't mean a peace offering and it's not really a Christmas. I went back to sleep for a few hours then got up and had a shower and got ready .I sat in my room playing on my x box for a while and at about 1 o'clock in the afternoon I heard a car pull onto the driveway.I jumped up to my window and had a look , it was a grey audi Q7 , I noticed my mum in the passenger seat as it pulled up . The doors opened and out got a tall youngish guy in a suit , then my mum got out She was wearing a black blazer ,white shirt and a matching black mini skirt ,she was. "I about jumped off the float mattress in the pool. I asked him how long he had been there watching me and he just said long enough. He said he wasn't doing anything so he thought he stop in to see us both. I told him his dad had gone fishing that morning with friends and probably wouldn't be back till late that afternoon or evening, but he was welcome to stay and visit with me. Now just so you all know, I'm in the pool topless with only my string bikini bottom on that really doesn't cover. I slid my hands down her arms onto her stomach washing and caressing as I moved. I poured some more body wash on my hands and slid my hands under her breasts gently lifting them and lathered them up. I rubbed her nipples which became immediately hard and erect. I kneaded them and made sure they were washed well. I washed her back and made sure I got all the soap rinsed off front and back. I got some more wash and knelt in front of her. Her legs were slightly parted exposing her mound and pussy.

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