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.. Never do anything.” Pete responded, “I’m married.”“What your wife doesn’t know can’t hurt her right?” Inquired placing a hand on Pe...e’s thigh.“Aren’t I a bit too old for you?” Pete asked, hoping that make her come back to her senses.“That depends, how old are you?” Heidi asked looking into his eyes with her deep blue eyes.“F-Forty-six,” Pete responded feeling his heartbeat speed up.“That’s a perfect age, you should know, I have a thing for older guys.” Heidi declared with a smirk. “Oh, you. "I'm only wearing the damned pips because he," and she jerked her thumb behind her at Shiplett, "didn't know any better than to not enlist before enrolling in college."She watched in satisfaction as Shiplett turned a bright shade of red, while the other three men laughed."Do you always eat like that?" Lenore was sickened, but fascinated, watching Shiplett eat a breakfast burrito from the Navy Exchange Food Court."Limph whmph?" he said, which Lenore translated around the food in his mouth to. "You look deep in thought," Bonnie teased. "Something on your mind?" Good morning, beautiful," I replied. "Just thinking."She poured herself a mug and came over to the table, kissing me on the cheek before sitting down."I slept well last night," she purred. "You?" Very well," I answered with a grin.Bonnie shifted in her chair and crossed her legs. The white satin robe, tied at the waist, slipped down and exposed her shapely leg up to the top of her thigh. As she moved, the top parted and. The next bit is difficult because I did not instigate it, or want it or particularly enjoy it.That dinner was the second dinner at the end of the first day’s seminar, it had been a very long day for the nun’s and they all looked knackered, Sarah was not walking too well and when I asked what the problem was she just waved me away with “it’s nothing, I’m alright” she is a lovely person and I didn’t want to see her in any discomfort, after dinner I helped her upstairs and into her room where I.

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