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My rock hard dick throbbed, stood straight up and leaked clear, sticky pre cum. Putting more oil on his hands, he massaged and worked his way down my ...hest, around my cock, without touching it and down my legs. I trembled with horny lust at his touch. I reached over and put my hand on the small of his back, then let it casually caress his ass. My mind was swimming, I felt on edge of orgasm. Without a word, he climbed onto the table also. Straddling me, he dripped oil onto my throbbing cock. I. " I watched the pleasure on his face and saw the white milky looking stuff shoot out of his dick, and I was in awe! I thought that was the neatest thing I'd ever seen. He asked me if I had liked the show. I just whimpered, "Yes." He then took my dick in his hand and slowly started rubbing and stroking it. I noticed a clear liquid oozing out from my dick, he told me that was pre-come and it was a tasty lube for when you want to screw somebody. With that he got some on his finger and licked it.. Ramu kaka ne kaha ji maalik. Mujeeb sirne kaha aap log aaram karlo kal hum wild life sanctuary dekhne jaayenge. Aur haan khusboo tum upar wala bedroom lelena ok. Mujhe thoda kaam hai to mein library mein baitha hoo agar kuch zaroorat ho to ramu kaka se mang lena.Mein drawing hall mein baithkar tv dekhne lagi baar baar meri ankhon ke saamne mujeeb sir ka lund dikhayi de raha tha mera tv per dhyaan hi nahi tha. Kafi samay beeth gaya mein uthkar tv off kiya aur upar bedroom mein chali gayi.. I kissed her neck and unbuttoned the first button of her salwar top. Dhanaya placed her hands on my waist in a way that reassured me. As if to say that she understood my need because she shared it with me. I methodically relieved her dress in anticipation and she was left with her strapless black bra. I bent down and kissed her chest between her supple breasts. I gently slid her bra off of her shoulders to better expose her breast and her breasts pushed forward and were now free, her bra fell.

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