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Yes that was significantly more than it had been at home. I wasn't getting as much exercise on the job here as I did back home either.After only two w...eks of slinging drinks I met a member of the distribution network. He had heard of me from the club owner. "You are Karen Smith?" he asked."Yeah, what can I do for you?" I asked not quite sure who he was."I can do something for you. I heard you are a real piece of work. Is that true?" he asked."Depends on what you mean by that. I can take care of. I had no idea as to where I was. We made our way to the side of the house, down a short ramp, and as we entered the door, the mysterious man turned on the lights. It looked like the basement was turned into a dungeon. There were two small prison cells, one on each side. Various punishment tools, like paddles, riding crops, and floggers, hung on the wall. Benches of different types were in the middle of the room. After closing the door, the mysterious man led me to the middle of the room. "Now,. Senator Passel Argente, head of the Corporate Alliance, was one of the most corrupt senators Padme had ever known. Driven by greed, he had made numerous shady deals with certain criminal elements and other notorious politicians, not for the benefit of the Republic, but to line his own pockets with millions of credits at the expense of others. Even his own people despised him, and yet he had remained in office for more than two decades thanks to some alleged poll rigging in his planet's. So now I am here.’ ‘Get to the point,’ said Keme, coldly. He hadn’t come to hear a ghost tell the tale of her own demise. ‘Yes, the point,’ said the woman. ‘I was tortured to death by the monster that tortured your father to death, the monster that murdered your family.’ ‘I will kill it,’ hissed Keme, leaning forward to the woman. ‘No you won’t,’ said the woman, and snorted with the child’s nose. ‘But if you play it right, you will help the woman to kill it with her bow.’ ‘That works fine for.

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