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I couldn’t hold one in my hands. They spilled over both sides. I smiled at her and said that this was hot or something like that.”He then asked: �...�Then what happened?”“As I held her tit, she reached up and cupped my right breast. She smiled at me and squeezed it. I squeezed hers. We did that a couple of time” K told him.B was looking at her and slowly ran his hand down under the water and up between K’s thighs. She spread her thighs automatically as he cupped her pussy and squeezed it on the. Rubyforged and Tidewalker. Why are they here? Why did my god make them?”“I don’t know,” I said as I found the buckles of the cuirass. They were on both sides near my hip. I pulled them tight, the armor fitting around my chest, back, and shoulders with such perfection. It fit the shape of my torso and the contours of my muscles.Nathalie, naked, pulled on the half-breastplate of her armor. It cupped her small breasts, lifting them into a nice bit of cleavage. The red metal hugged about her torso. Looking down at her body, what did others actually see? A girl, dressedin boy's clothes or a boy dressed in girl's clothes. Admittedly, sherather enjoyed the feeling of the silks and cottons on her skin. But itwas more than that; she didn't want to go back wearing her old clothes.Was it wrong that she preferred her mother's clothes?Although raised a boy, part of her looking like a boy, did that everreally make her a boy? Could she go back to the way things were before,and did she really want. With the bikini scooping down so close to her pubic region, I wondered what kind of bush she was sporting. Or was she shaved bare and smooth, it looked like she could be. When she turned her backside to me, oh fuck, the way her bottoms made that awesome cleave right up between her cheeks, made me rock hard. I was glad I was not wearing anything less that fairly loose board shorts, so my cock could grow unrestricted, without it being visible. I had a feeling that she knew what she was doing to.

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