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I thought she was joking but to prove to me that she wasn't, she told me to fuck the next girl I could and tell her all about it. That was the catch i... you could call it one. She wanted to hear every detail afterwards. Her exact words were, "I gotta get off somehow when I can't be with you." That was probably why she had called the night before and why she was so pissed at not getting a hold of me. That first time "off my leash", I had fucked the shit out of the waitress who had taken our order. Jill had a simple spaghetti strapped tan shift. You had to look twice as the dress was the same color as her tanned skin. The look was very sexy, very elegant. Agnes, June and Jill were wearing high heels while Sunshine wore more practical lower heeled shoes. I complimented all of the ladies and mentioned Sunshine by name so she felt special. I received big smiles from the ladies. We walked through the woods with only a slight pause to say bye to Toy. Sunshine had hold of my elbow and walked. “Senior,” he answers. “The one and only. And who am I to make the acquaintance of?”“I’m Penelope and I’m a witch,” Penelope says proudly.“Since you’re coming from that direction, I assume you’re from the East School of Witchery,” he says sagely.“That I am.”“I wasn’t aware that the school was accepting catgirls.”“They’re not,” the girl informs. “They only take on pretty human girls.”“Wait, don’t tell me,” Billy Gruff says. “You were with someone familiar and you got turned into a catgirl. Now. To his utter astonishment, she was kissing any part of him that her mouth could reach, while saying she was so sorry and asking his forgiveness. Sorry? Forgiveness? What could she possibly be sorry for, except for marrying me in the first place? he thought. Forgiveness? The concept did not compute. It was utterly baffling.Just then he felt her lips on his in the warmest, most loving kiss he had ever had. In surprise, his lips parted slightly and he felt her lovely tongue dart into his mouth..

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