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She was on fire, her bottom was glowing, her cunt was dripping and she raised her bottom to invite his fingers to enter her. He teased her for a while... sliding his fingers along each side of her cunt and circling her clitoris. “Please” she moaned, “please make me come”. He withdrew his fingers to give her four more strong smacks with the belt across her already smarting behind – and then swiftly plunged two fingers into her waiting hole, using his ring finger to tease her clitoris. She. It's obvious what I have to do. DOWNSTAIRS, now!" As they hurried down the stairs her mother was still ranting under her breath. She strode over to the refrigerator and pulled off a battered brochure. "You know what THIS is, right?" She said, brandishing it like a weapon. Rachel almost rolled her eyes. She knew, all right. Christine Bradshaw's Etiquette Academy for Young Girls. 4 hours a day of tea ceremonies, handshakes, and how do you dos. The ultimate boredom, the ultimate punishment.. She knelt there patiently waiting his gift. He spit into her mouth, both of them watching it slowly drip from his mouth and into hers. She kept her mouth open and waited to be told to swallow. Finally he told her to. She did eagerly and opened her mouth again to receive any more presents into her mouth he may have for her. While she knelt there, he got the lipstick again and wrote more degrading, humiliating words on her cheeks and forehead. Then he slowly pulled out his cock. Her eyes lit up. Please cane her on her thighs. Pet you keep the count & thank bothMark & me this time.? She laughs hysterically as she finishes saying that. ?Most happily Arleta.? Mark says as he comes up & stands next to me. Hetakes the branch from Arleta & says ?slut, get onto the centre table &squat on it please with your legs spread to the maximum. And please bendbackwards from your waist up for a free access to your thighs? Iobey as told & very soon the branch hits my sensitive thigh with a.

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