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Since they were both impressed by me, they gave me the nickname "La Bandita".While Cisco went off because he had some business to take care of, Lisa w...nted to talk to me privately.I got a look at Lisa's face. She had dark brown hair and eyes like Penelope Cruz but her lips were her own."I was impressed by your aim and timing, Elena. Especially at how you hold your gun tight." Lisa said with a smile while looking at me.I replied in my perfect Russian accent "Well, I always did have keen. I wanted more than what we had just previously shared together. I wanted daddy to fuck me. I could tell it was what he wanted also. That was the number one reason why he had gotten into the shower with me. I was not stupid. I knew that he wanted to use his cock on me. My pussy wanted daddy's cock also. It was already wet enough. "Daddy, will you please fuck me? My wet pussy is aching for your long hard cock!" I asked as I ran my hand across his chest and laid my head into his shoulder again.. After a few moments, she grips his hair and pulls his face away.Luis is a bit confused at first, but she flashes him a sexy smile. She then pushes him down and he slides to his knees. Luis sees a perfectly smooth pussy with the nicest set of lips hanging gently from it. He struggles to lean into her crotch, but Jackie’s grip holds him just out of reach. His hands rub up and down her legs and ass. He can easily pull her forward, but he doesn’t. His mind screams in protest but new thoughts enter. “Several got away, but we have most if not all the main players in this shit.” Bollo said.“Good if you poor misguided fellows will just cooperate with me. You can shortly be on your way with no further repercussions from me, and my camp anyway. I make no such promises, or conditions regarding Bollo and his camp whatsoever. But I promise you if you don’t cooperate with me, you will be joining Toroso wherever he went to. Of that I can promise you that much from the get go.” I said.Of course there.

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