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"That looks so hot." Do you like to look at this stuff?"Megan turned slightly red and nodded her head."Me too," Kim giggled. "It gives me ideas." Real...y? What kind of ideas does it give you?" Megan said as she slid off the bed and moved next to Kim."You know, sexy ideas. I get turned on looking at these pictures and think about things I would like to try."Megan put her hand on the mouse and clicked the back button on the browser. When she came to a picture of two girls with their heads between. " But it got you talking to me, didn't it? Why I even bet you don't remember my name." Of course I do, it's Joey." I pretended to be pissed off at him and turned away. I got two steps before he called out: "Would $70 interest you in posing just a little bit?"I thought of those shoes we saw at the mall yesterday. Do you recall them?" Yeah, weren't they like $300 bucks?" $282.75 to be exact. I really loved them, but didn't have that kind of money to spend on them. Suddenly this guy had my. At the garage, Monica released my hand and we all went up the stairssingle file. I found myself using the handrail to make sure I got up thestairs in one piece. The three of them climbed them like mountain goats,but I was less sure footed. Going up in these 3 and 1/2 spikes is morework then coming down. At floor two of the stairwell, I looked ahead andsaw the three of them waiting for me at the third floor. When I got tothe turn for the final flight, they then exited. I knew then that I hadto. Now, I just wanted to fuck her hard. Then have her fuck me hard.I found the entrance to her twat, that silky hole, and thrust.“Yes!” I gasped.“¡Mierda!” she groaned. “Chloe! Your futa-cock feels amazing. Oh, yes, yes, such a huge girl-dick. Oh, my god, you’re stretching me out.”“Mmm, I’m in the pussy every boy in school wants!” I moaned, sliding deeper and deeper into her silky twat. Her hot flesh gripped me. Massaged me. “Oh, yes, yes, this is perfect. This is just amazing.”“I know it is,.

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