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Sometimes, when you can see everything, you miss the things that matter most.My job? Seeing. And I see a lot. In fact, it wouldn’t be an understatem...nt to say I see everything. Everything important, anyway. I stare down the screens packed into a small room, and make sure nothing bad happens. Security. Of course, nothing bad ever does happen, but maybe it’s because people know there are cameras, people know there’s a man like me watching these screens. Security theater, they call it. Look it. Patrick's hips came up to meet each of her downward strokes as her sucking became more intense. He had never felt anything quite like the sucking his teacher was giving him. His balls were boiling and his cock was twitching; sure signs he was about to explode. He yelped, "I'm cumming Ms. Cooper; oh shit!"As much as the teacher tried to swallow his spunk much of it wound up on her face and neck. Sitting back she pushed most of the stray cum into her mouth. Patrick was huffing and puffing as he. Doctors said this last stage for me only 6 month in my life. After that mom and dad become mad for me. They want always happy me. But I know my life going to end. Mom dad always asked what is your desire in your life we fulfill all things. I always thinking my life will end within 6 month. Dad and mom always beside me they always want to charm me best food bring for me and which I like they bring for me. In the night mom and dad want to sleep with me but said them that nothing to do I am your. As I suspected, she was both hot and very wet. 'And you like the idea, don't you?' I challenged her, withdrawing my hand and licking my fingers. 'Yep,' she admitted, before running her hand over my erection. 'Just like you do.' I laughed, flicked the joint out of the window and leaned over to kiss her. The urgency with which she returned it, spoke volumes. The sound of a quick blast on a car horn ended the kiss and.

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