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This was placed on my ankles. She next droppedan envelope and a pen in front of me. The envelope had a second class stampon it. "Write your name and ...ddress on the envelope". I did as instructed and wasthen told to close the lid of the chest. I saw that it had a hasp which I hadto close. She then showed me a padlock which she unlocked in front of me. Throwingthe padlock on the floor I was told to lock the chest. She then handed me asmall key and I had to place in the envelope and seal it. . On the outside, it seemed a simple matter of a student being out of dress code, and Principal Hansen choosing to handle it himself instead of sending the student to Mrs. Franklin. But why shut the door to his office all the way? And what about that split second look on his face as the door shut, like he was the cat with the proverbial canary? When the door opened again 10 minutes later, and Ms. Miller practically bounced out of the office, which was not the normal behavior of a student who had. " It seemed like Lisa was horny enough to loosen up a lot and the chances of us getting our same room sex wish were getting better and better."Your turn now," Julie told her.Lisa was still hesitant so Julie followed up with, "Go on, show us your beautiful tits."Lisa closed her eyes for a moment then opened them looking straight at us. Something in her eyes showed a change, suddenly she didn't seem nervous or unsure anymore. She put her hands over Ricky's and squeezed making him squeeze her. Do it honey ... Gasp! ... suck him for me."I wasn't thrilled about becoming a cock sucker for this rugged looking muscle laden black soldier, but I couldn't fault my wife's logic. I slowly walked over. He warned that he couldn't hold back much longer. My wife urged me on and reminded me for the hundredth time I was her only birth control. His big long jutting black cock was all wet with her cunt juices and was palpitating. Once again I knew I had no choice. I had to do what had to be done.

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