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She hated Brock still ... and she didn’t much care for Van, though in spite of herself, she was addicted to Jake. He was a great guy, a bright youth...... the other guys were still just pigs.As for Barbara Jean, she wasn’t about to stop it now. She loved this! She loved being a fuckpig for these guys! She didn’t want it to ever stop at this point. She just wanted to keep pulling trains for the various men, to take their man meat and run with it ... and she frankly was tired of Brock cramping her. "Yes, he was. Gary was better looking to be honest, but Dave was nice looking too, and he had a better body." "Of course he did," I said, pulling a face. "We had a good night out. Lots of alcohol, a bit of a dance and quite a bit of kissing." I raised my eyebrows slightly. Sharron smiled and said, "Yes, another good kisser. A good dancer too, actually." "Good for him." I said. "Good for me at the time, too." Sharron responded. "Anyway, we had a good night out and then staggered back to. He kissed her toes. He pulled her sandals off her feet. He loved her feet and licked between her toes. Her legs were tan and slender. She laughed nervously as he kissed her feet. What he was doing to her tickled.He lifted her skirt up slowly revealing more and more of her legs and he crawled onto the bed kicking off his shoes."Oh how I love you Yolanda," he breathed heavily caressing her, planting soft kisses up her legs. She looked down at him and smiled. She was a picture of loveliness in her. I nodded and gentley pushed him on the bed, undoing his belt and slowly pulling his penis out. I stared at it for a moment, not surprised that it was a bit on the smaller side of average, and started stroking it, slowly at first. As he hardened, I began going a little harder and faster, his whimpery moans piercing the silence. I remembered that Jeremy had told me to be vocal, so I started talking. Ya like that, huh? Does it feel gooooood? I crooned, my client nodding and whimpering. So hard,.

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