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" So She brought you here?" Linda asked."Not exactly. Mistress found Kelly first; in fact, Kelly was the first ever to be found. She's Mistress' favor...te, you know," Emma said with motherly pride. "Kelly brought Heidi to Mistress, then Heidi brought me."Linda nodded. Emma continued, "The girls have brought in just about all of their friends, and a few of the friend's mothers, if Mistress likes them. And I've, of course, brought in some of my friends, like Abby. I think you've met Abby."Linda. The third night in Driftwood, I... I tried to put some moves on him. Nothing outrageous -- hear me out. I put on that seafoam-green silk teddy and matching gown you bought me for Christmas. It's not all that revealing. Well, a little. He was listening to music and reading a book. I brought in a bottle of chilled white wine and a platter of fruit and cheese. We sat on the couch and talked and ..." Candy, I heard you say he's still a virgin, but give me the bottom line, did you have ANY. “Fuck me, yes.”“But I thought… I mean, I sort of assumed—”“That a guy who looks like me is always a top?” Jimmy grinned.“Uh… yeah, I guess.”“I get that a lot. Which is a shame, because I do so love getting fucked. But most guys who gravitate to me want to bottom.”“I can see why,” said Tobin fervently, reaching out to stroke Jimmy’s half-hard cock.“Of course, if that’s not something you’re interested—”“No. No. I’ll fuck you,” he said, sitting up and grinning. “I just hope that I’m … that I can,. She felt that her patient was better served by having a close friend visit her. It was obvious that she looked better now than at any time previously.Tom raised his plastic bottle of root beer and said, “Here’s to a long summer days at the lake.”“Here’s to long, lazy summer days at the lake,” Dan said, emphasizing the word lazy.They tapped their plastic bottles together. with Tom. The sound produced wasn’t anywhere near as satisfying as tapping mugs together.“Terry is really excited about the.

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