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His fingers caressed the bare skin of her shoulder and arm and he said, "So, you wanna get outta here or what?"Zaelia was slammed to the wall, Fiore's...hard body crushing against her. His tongue eagerly explored her mouth as his hands shoved forcefully up her skirt, enfolding her supple ass. She locked a leg around him, gyrating her hips against the hard bulge protruding from his pants, her bare pussy wetting the cloth.Fiore dragged his lips down her neck, and with a sudden violent tearing. "Angel shook her head. "You know I cannot." Angel, she will love you as much as I do." No Don, she will not understand. No human female will." If she does, will you meet her?"Angel sighed. "Don, there is a great storm on the horizon that I cannot help you with." Do you still love me?" asked Don.Angel's face took on a quizzical expression, "Why do you ask me that?" Please Angel, just answer it." Don, I love you with my whole heart. I loved you before we met. I knew when you came to the island. She had always looked forward to having something large and powerful throbbing between her legs. Shamelessly Cathy then rose and bending at the waist asked Stewart to fill her cunt one more time. He moved toward her with his rigid pole bobbing in front of him, her pussy red and swollen from the pounding it had already taken. Pushing her forward on to the sofa he once again parted her fleshy lips and slid his cock into her cunt. In one fluid movement he filled her to the brim only stopping. . her wetness....That's when she dipped her head down and took the soft cock into her mouth. Asfar as she was concerned, she was not some young Southern girl sucking on anigger cock, but she was becoming a young woman who was paying homage to herblack lovers cock.Jess remembered waking up as his cock was standing at attention, as she bit hiscock head trying to wake him up. She looked up at him and smiles as best as shecould with a couple of inches of black meat in her mouth, and she winked at.

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