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She seemed game but reluctant. It made her cute.When Kyla noticed Franky trying hard not to be noticed, she strolled over to where he was mopping with...Marti still buried in her back."Hey Franky," Kyla said in a little girl sing song. Marti peeked out from beneath Kyla's hair and smiled at Franky. I noticed that Marti's shirt was thin and I could see the cleft of her gluteus maximus.Franky tried to ignore Kyla but she hugged him from behind and, I'm just guessing, she probably grabbed his crotch. Two bigger girls stood a few yards apartfacing each other, a loop of half-centimetre-wide white hat elasticstretched from one girl's legs to the other's. It was wrapped aroundtheir knees and another smaller girl was jumping in and out of thestretchy barrier they'd created, in time to a rhyme the other girls werechanting. Everyone looked happy clapping and singing together, and Iwished I could join in their game.When I shuffled past, one of them squealed, "Look! It's Baby Candy!"Several girls. Continuing, they stop for just a second at my quivering lips noticing that they are slightly parted to allow my shallow gasps of breath to whoosh through them. His eyes lovingly stop at my full breasts, savouring them as they rise and fall from my arousal. They quickly drop down to my tummy until he reaches the shaded darkness that is barely visible through my white panties. Another flow of moistness floods my centre and his eyes return to mine quickly. At that very moment, his eyes silently. “No little boys for you and that’s an order.” “Oo get you!” Nick mocked. “Little girls then?” “Nick pleeeaease,” Doreen protested. “Well if it was good for you...” “You don’t want to, do you?” Doreen levered up, letting her udders swing below, puzzlement writ on her lined face. She grabbed his limp damp cock, shaking it, threatening him with feigned anger. “Do you?” “Forget it, it’s not going to happen, where am I going to find that?” he replied sternly. “Now let me have a taste of your.

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