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" I respond. Hoping to lend credence to what I say next I put on a tired and dazed face, then continue. "These kids have worn me out, I've been spacin... out all day... What was it you were saying again?" Nothing" she laughs. "They are a pretty rowdy group of kids"."Yeah but I do love hanging out with them" I say " they're a lot of fun"."Yeah they are... So, you headed to school this next semester?" No," I respond "I finished up over the summer. Right before camp started actually. No more classes. Show me some photos.’ ‘Of what?’ ‘Your family and stuff. You got a dog? You used to love dogs.’ ‘Fraser IS a dog, sniffin’ round here,’ Blake went, stepping back into his gummies and shutting the front door. I pretended I was reading a text and hadn’t heard him. I took a chair at the dining table. The whole table was between me and Princess. I had to lean right across it to show her the pics on my phone. ‘Back in the day, we used to have actual photos eh, d’you remember? Like, paper photos. Or. Matching cuffs were placed around Justin’s ankles, and were followed by an odd looking metal brace. The brace fit over his cuffs, merging his ankles together. A molded metal piece went down from his ankles and covered the tops of his feet, forcing them to point downward. At the end of that section was a small set of metal cuffs that were snapped shut around his big toes. From the underside of the toe cuffs, a straight metal bar ran up and connected to the rear of the frame at his ankles. Rick. 'Before you start panicking I am not teaching the sex ed. class. This group is a preparatory class for students planning to go into medical studies. They are all high achievers and understand the confidentiality requirements of medical students. I mention this only to assure you that whatever happens in the classroom they will respect your privacy and keep the details confidential. I will warn you some of the events may be embarrassing but the details will not be spread by them to other.

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