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He didn’t give me a chance to breath, let me take control, or anything. He just held my head, and used my mouth like a pussy all its own.” Cindy b...gan fingering Samantha’s pussy in sync with the finger in her asshole. “He didn’t cum in my mouth though, he just let go of my head, and picked me up. “He threw me on the bed, and set me on my side. He just started hammering in. I screamed, It felt good, really good.” Cindy began to finger Samantha’s holes faster. “He fucked me for about twenty. I dried off and headed back to the kitchen. Maria and Zeth were now in the land of the living.Last night Maria, planning ahead, had set up some cinnamon rolls for breakfast. All that had to be done was to pop them in the oven. Tom and Cynthia took another sheet pan and spread out brown and serve sausages on it. They and the rolls went in the oven. Maria Jack and Violet were breaking eggs to make a big batch of scrambled eggs. I immediately set up a buffet on the kitchen island. Zeth helped me. Immediately, I signaled to the score keepers for 5 points to be awarded to Brogolak. This produced a mighty cheer from his clan and an agonized groan from Ursus' people.Ursus obviously felt the blow, and he skidded to a halt and shook his head to clear it. Meanwhile, Brogolak grinned in triumph. Still feigning some discomfort from the blow, Ursus staggered toward Brogolak, and swiped at him with a mighty swing of his right foreleg. Ursus made contact with Brogolak's side and knocked him back. "No Miss Pratt." Vivian said hesitantly."Good, then you can go with Master Fenton now!" Miss Pratt pushed Vivian towards Fenton, and he got up, bored and began dragging her out of the room by the hair. "But I'm a committed lesbian, Miss Pratt! I want a woman domme!" Vivian screamed. "Welcome to S&M, darling." Miss Pratt responded, smiling.ONE MONTH LATERWHACK! Fenton the Felon, now an employee of Miss Pratt's Academy, carefully landed the rattan cane directly across the regal woman's full pink.

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