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You guys got together ... had sex ... and now you say you are in love with each other." You've concluded that we've only had sex once."He was quiet fo... a minute, but didn't stop his pacing. Allison at first was afraid he was angry, but the look on his face was more confusion than anything. Finally he spoke again. "OK. More than once. How many times?" He shook his head. "That's none of my business."Abigail was impassive in her answers, like she was facing a judicial inquiry. "It is, actually.. I have been a workaholic, focused on my job for so long. The city has been built, but sadly no one of my kind lives in it. I know if I do not act fast, I could die in my mansion which I worked so hard for, alone. The company which I work for planned on sending me to Mozambique to seal the deal on some staplers for a small tribe in the central confines of the country. I would be lying if I wasn’t planning other activities though. It had been years since I had felt the touch of a mans love on my. Woof!"Shel came out of a door I would assume was a bedroom, and she looked beautiful; she actually took my breath away. I stood and stared at this vision of loveliness. Sheila Howard was about 5'8", about 130 lbs, and roughly 36-23-35. She was a redhead, with fairly short, fiery red hair, and the most beautiful emerald green eyes I ever saw. I couldn't believe it was the same woman I saw yesterday. Yesterday I saw a woman of roughly the same build, maybe smaller in the chest and with mousy. She said that she was but left early because it was her time of the month and she knew that they were planning on fucking my brains out which they did. We could hear Bud and Lisa down the hall she said lets go peek in on them so we when down the hall to the bedroom there was Lisa on top of Bud in a 69 she had most of his cock down her throat and was humping Buds face. We could see her backside and Bud had his thumb up her ass. She was really bucking now I knew she was going to cum anytime now..

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