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He pushed in slowly, and stopped a couple times till it was all the way in. It was uncomfortable at first, but it didnt hurt. As my ass relaxed it fel... good, and I pushed back to it. I heard him tell Walter that I took the whole thing , then he asked if I wanted the real thing. I remember mumbling something and suddenly I felt him behind me holding my hips as he lined his bare cock up with my hole. He started pushing in, and since I was lubed, and he already opened me witth the dildo , he went. She could hear Chris moaning and the sound drove her on. She couldn't have stopped now if she had to, she was too far-gone. She just wanted to cum hard. Her other hand grabbed her nipple and pulled it until she made herself scream. The palm of her fucking hand slapped her clit every time she pushed the fingers deep into herself. She thrashed her head back and forth in passion and the canoe rocked dangerously with the movement. She didn't care. Then the feel of wetness splashing onto. Her eyes were glued to the lights above the doors as they began to blink...Lobby...1...2...3...4...5... He flipped a switch and the egg stopped vibrating, then He removed the egg and placed it in His pocket. He left the butt plug in, continuing to buzz. The car continued its ascent...6...7...8...9...10... He pulled out His cock and sunk it deep in her pussy while grabbing a handful of her hair, "Cum for Me!" And she squirted hot juice all over His cock as she let out a primal scream.. Amio pagaler moto babar khara lingota shakto kore chepe dhorlam baba amake bollen ektu charo sona tumi ki amar lingota tomar jonir moddhye nite chao?Ami bollam haan, amake shiggir dhokao ar thakte parchi na baba bollen tumi mone karo amra swami stree, tobei ratikriyar ananda nite parbe ami bollam jedin theke tomake pratham dekhechi sedini mone mone bhebechiTumi amar asol jounosangee.baba hense amar hantu mure pa phank kore dilen, ar dupayer phanke mukh dhukiye amar joni jore chuste laglen. ami.

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