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She stated that he'd met her in a diner, bought her a hamburger and coke. That she'd propositioned him, but he declined her offer. That he'd panicked,...calling attention to himself. That's where all the witnesses came in that could put him at the scene with her." But what about the physical evidence?" I asked, somewhat perplexed."She said her 'Old Man' forced his way into her anus. Her exact words by the way. She said anus. Not ass, or asshole." The jury was out for thirty minutes. Not guilty.". You're to provide the entertainment for the crew." "What does that mean?" He smiled. "I don't know anything except you'll be made to perform. The captain said there would be games for you to play." My face flushed and my chest was tight. So there would be games to endure tonight. What kind of games did pirates play? Naughty ones, it was evident. The dining hall was crowded with rowdy sailors. They had just finished supper and were talking loudly and crudely among themselves as the remains of. It wasn't an easy decision to make but I knew, despite it hurting so badly to do so that it was for the best.What am I talking about? Well let me begin at the beginning, sort of. I'm a thirty-something woman in a Northeastern town with the proverbial two kids, one cat, one dog and one hard working husband. He and I met in college and he went on for his master's degree and works hard every day. I am a graphic designer, well I was, until I got pregnant with my second son and my job was. "Okay, Kayla, truth or dare?" I said, still trying to adjust my shirt so I could cover myself a little more comfortably."Dare," she said."Okay, well I don't want to be the only one exposed, so why don't you just lose that hoodie?" But it's coooold!...Ugh fine," she shrieked taking off her hoodie and throwing it in the middle of the table. She immediately went to cover her cute perky breasts with her hands. I was able to get a quick glance at her small, hard, pink, nipples...Maybe it was a.

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