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“I mean, if she even has a thing for me in the first place,” I quickly added.Gabriella sighed heavily. “How long has she even been doing this?�...I began putting some of the chicken in the skillet as I thought about it. “I think she started after we had a group project together. I obviously had to talk to her, so she probably found it as a shock when I didn’t speak to her much after the project was done.” I paused, grimacing. “Now that I think about it, she did seem hurt that I wouldn’t socialize. It took me about 10 seconds to spray my cum all over the toilet. I heard Katie's door open and I quickly cleaned up the mess. I stepped out of the bathroom in time to see her thump down the stairs. She gave me a half smile and handed me a note. Her writing was plump, full and curly. Thanks so much Derek. I love the library, and the room is wonderful. I hugged her, feeling her tits press lightly against my abdomen, and kissed her forehead. I tucked the note in my pocket just as Josh came down. I had hoped I was providing that cause. I felt bad about how the conversation had gone with Mama, but she had chosen which side she would support already. In some ways, I was okay with the idea she had chosen to be on the side of my wives. There was still a part of me that wished she'd decided that I needed her support in this more than the wives did.I knew I needed to find some way to be completely detached from the emotions of the fight that was now looming. I wasn't really angry with any of. Main tab ek cigarrete jala kar us se baate karne laga aur wohi baat dohrai. Bas woh maan gayi. Main use kamre me le gaya aur dhire dhire kiss karne laga. Chunki use yeh pyar bohut dino se nahin mila tha isiliye woh besbra ho gaya aur siskane lagi. Main bhi dhire dhire uske kapre utaarne laage aur uske haantho ko mere pant ke taraf khinch diya. Dekhta hi dekhte aum dono pure naked ho gaye. Main uske momo ko shalaane laga aur dhire se muh me le liya. Uske dudu ko chatta raha aur mere ungliyo se.

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