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She told me to go in auto with Suganthi. She will drop me in the aunt’s house. My Mom asked Suganthi To take an empty cardboard box with her. hence ...t is waste and occupying lots of spaces. I took the cardboard box and placed it in auto.Next to the box I am sitting and next to me Sugandhi is sitting. I was over joyed because I am sitting next to my sexy black queen. Oh sorry friends I forgot to say her age. At that time her age was 33 :-). Basically am a aunty lover :-)… our both the arms were. After all, she had it on good authority that the Head of Music was nowhere as near as severe as her Form Mistress, Miss Downey, or the Deputy Head Mistress, Ms. Storey. She licked her lips before running her small right hand through her shoulder-length black hair. She took a few small steps towards Laura before answering.“I do want to be punished by you, Miss Hatton. I won’t apologise,” she smiled.Laura Hatton took a deep breath and smiled back at the girl. She patted her knees gently.“Very. The scope was one of those laser light scopes, which put a very thin red laser beam onto the exact spot where the bullet would strike. The rifle was a very accurate hunting rifle and with that laser scope on it, it could turn anyone into a deadly shot. In the hands of an expert shot, there was no escaping it. At 500 feet, that combination should be able to aim at and hit within one inch of the laser spot on the target. The laser wasn't turned on yet, but the barrel was slowly moving as the. I knowing let my pallu slide off slowly. His tent in the towel was getting bigger. I looked at it and then into his eyes.Without a word he held my face and began smooching me. His tongue was in my mouth and i was biting his lips. He began to slide his hand in to my blouse. My blouse and bra was very tight and hence he was unable to put it in fully. But still his touch on my nipples made a shiver run through me. We broke the kiss and he began opening my blouse.I helped him to take off my blouse.

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