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." pointing at the other girl who resembled and then at the redhead, " ... and that's Megan."Katherine and Megan smiled at him."Wow. Those guys were s...ared of you," Charles complimenting Ivy."You shouldn't be afraid of them. They're just bullies. Come. Let me help you up. Hey we saw a bike down there. I take it that is yours," Ivy said.Ivy helped Charles get up and out an arm behind his back."Charles don't get scared if I say this to you but you're kinda cute," Ivy flirting with him."Why thank. She had forgiven him for the backyard incident several weeks ago as long as he promised to not let it happen again.He looked up to see Frank, his truck driver friend from the plant, slide onto the stool next to him."Where the hell is that cute little wife of yours?" asked Frank. "Has she been showing her tits off any more?"The comment took Lanny off guard but as he drank the next two beers he complained to Frank about how he couldn't get Susan to go out with him and have any fun.Frank told him. She started sucking my tits again and this time she played with my pussy. Sucking as much tit as she could in her mouth she rubbed my clit between her fingers. This felt so good. I spread my legs wider so she could have easy acces to my pussy and she then found my hole. She circled it with her finger before she plunged her finger into me. I was loving this. She finger fucked my hole for a long time feeling me cum. Next she slid down to my pussy and began to kiss and lick my cunt. She put my leg. .. not just my cock but..." Yes, Cecil... the treatment will permanently multiply your sex-drive, as well as your physical potency, far beyond anything that would have been tolerable under human society." I remember the recordings of a similar procedure; the pleasure centers of my brain will overtake my... my memory... personality?" You will... find this hard to believe..." her voice lowered as the screen hovered behind me, as I was conveyed to my fate. "But it was your mind that I valued the.

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