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Some of the options listed were the T-Tops and the removable rear window. The engine was listed as the L68 option; a 427 Tri Power with triple 2 barre... Holly carburetors. The transmission was the M22 option. The car also had Positraction and G70 tires and wheels. The price was listed at $5832.While the car idled, Rollie used his smart phone to go on line and research the Corvette. He found that the engine produced 400 HP and the heavy duty, close ratio, 4 speed gear shift box was called the. Neither had seen him in the hallway yet, and Troy was still watching.Helen wasn’t a petite woman, only a few inches shorter than Julie, with a build a shade more athletic than Julie’s curvier one, though her breasts were still large enough to have been the source of Troy’s Tit Man-hood; and it was only during their fights like this, when they were shouting in each other’s faces and Julie took the effort to try to loom over her, that he really took notice of the two women who’d played the. It was so sexy looking at her boobs jiggling . I caught them and started to press. Soon my orgasm was building so i told her that i m going to cum soon. She said do it inside. She was riding hard now very fast as she was also near her orgasm. Then at a moment sudden shoot of sperms started to flow into her pussy,like volcano eruption. I was lying still holding her boobs in my hand .It was best feeling i have ever had .I looked at her and she was smiling as she also had a 2nd orgasm. Keeping my. After about 30 minutes she was nice and relaxed and got out of the bath, dried off, applied the body lotion and headed for the bedroom. On the bed she found a beautiful black negligee along with a black thong and garter and black stockings and another note. The note read: “Jo, I have been picturing you in this since I first met you. Put on the sexy lingerie and come to the dining room where I await you.” She dressed and went to the dining room where I was waiting dressed in my own little black.

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