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Bhabhi ne meri haalat dekhkar doctor ko bulaya or mujhe medicine diLyai. Mein raat tak thik nahi huya. Bukhar badta hi jaa raha tha. Bhabhi mere pass ...i rahi or thande pani ke pati mere mathe par rakhti rahi. Raat ko 12 baje ke pass meri neend khuli. Bhabhi mere pass baithi thi. Mene unka haath pakad liya, unhone bhi apna dusra haath mere haath me de diya. Mene unko khich kar apne se chipka liya, wo bhi mujhse chipka gayi. Ab unke dono haath mere haatho me the, unki breast meri chest par thi,. I went down to her legs and started cleaning them with a wet towel. Her skin was so soft, and when my fingers touched her toes, she shivered a little.I asked her if I can lift her gown till her knees, and she just nodded. Her fair legs were glowing, and it looked as if she had waxed recently. Soon I wiped her hands and neck. Then I asked her could she remove her gown? She was startled for a bit and then looked at me and said ok.She got up and pulled her nightgown, and she was wearing Victoria’s. " i said. it took me by surprise when he sped up his pace rapidly and rubbed my clit in circles with his thumb.."uhhhhhgh ohh my gosh, fuck" i cummed on his fingers. he took the two fingers out, and kissed my neck. "you're so fucking sexy" he said. i let a smile appear on my face. "now I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you. now get on the floor." i did what i was told, and got on my knees. he grabbed my neck and pushed me down on the floor. with his hands still wrapped around my neck, he stared. Mary was an average looking lady with large breasts, a slender figure and long flowing brown hair. I had worked with Mary throughout the year and found her to be a nice lady who had recently gotten a divorce. The pool game was a lot of fun with everyone talking smack and drinking beer. Mary and I won our game and prepared to take on the next team. “Well, that was easy” she said. Answering back, “Yep, you played well”.As we began winning each team we played we began to get comfortable with.

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