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She rode his cock very hard for another few minutes until she again cried out into another orgasm. Mike now had Amanda get on all fours. Her face was...positioned towards her husband as Mike mounted her from behind. He began to fuck Amanda hard from behind with his tall lanky body. He now pushed all 9 inches plus of his big cock deep into Amanda’s already worn out pussy. Mike had fucked Amanda hard from behind for a good 10 minutes as he moaned out to Amanda, “That’s it baby fuck me! I want you. When she finally came back into the barracks her skin looked red raw from the scrubbing, and she was told to make her bed properly and allowed to get in it. Of course the next day when she was dressed none of it showed. The next couple of nights she was given the option, and she volunteered to bathe herself. Now that was an extreme case, still it served as a wakeup call for not only that poor girl, but for anyone else who might feel lazy about their personal hygiene. That night in the. ..mmmmmmm she's having a shower. Now she spends 20 minutes to half hour under the shower, excellent time for some peeping.I went up the stairs quietly, the bathroom door was wide open and she was happily washing her hair, i could tell by the sound of the shampoo hitting the bath, my chance for a peep, i carefully pulled back on end of the curtain there she was washing her hair, eyes closed, and massaging her head. Her nipples were erect and jutting from her gorgeous boobs, they were still pert. ”I let her sit down on the desk in front of me and we shimmied off her jeans. Her hands went through my hair as I blew on her cotton-ensconced clit. She was warm, inviting, and I was starting to get high off the scent. Nadira squeezed my head again, but I stopped her from making me give her what she wanted by playfully biting her thigh. She squealed as I turned to bite her other thigh, letting my fingers push against her, revealing how dripping wet she was getting. My nose grazed her clit as.

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