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... not knee high but thigh high leather spiked heels ones ( my first love ) still bound, eyes stuck on her hands slowly zipping them in front of my f...ce her legs encased in leather, fuck! Crossing her legs the toe stopped at my mouth, sitting just before me; still on all fours the tip of her boot brushed my lips, "lick the toe! You’re going to be trussed up in that position until you lick my boots, if they don't shine! Then.... well you don't want to know!" eagerly my tongue snaked along the. ?Don’t go away Donna.? Lauren turned to go then, looking over her shoulder ?By the way the dean and his wife hope you feel better. Perhaps I should send them in to say goodnight?? she teased. For her part Donna simply stared on wide eyed, grunting and mewing her protest into the thick phallus wedged in between her teeth. With a mixture of both dread and relief Donna heard Lauren bid goodnight to the last guests. The only sounds she heard now were the click clack of heels as they moved. .." Susan said softly. "Yeah..."I had to giggle, remembering how we used to soft-pedal our conversations around Susan before she and Jason got married. Now we didn't. And Susan was sometimes a bit forward. "At least I don't have to dress up like 'Little Mermaid' to get 'im goin'," she'd said. "Or Little Red Riding Hood."That brought a gasp from Tina who'd intimated about role-playing with Alan. "I'm just not that good at it, you know. Gets to a point that I just say 'forget it!' and dive. The power was still on to keep the alarm active so I didn't have to fumble around in the dark. I made sure the halls were free of obstructions and I even located an old candelabra that was used as a room prop and placed it in the Dracula room. After work on Friday I ran to the house and disabled all the alarm.I then filled the candelabra with some recently purchased tall candles. I then did a minor job of securing the house before I then ran home to shower and change and pick up Tina to make.

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