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He figures we'll need about three hundred men. We can get a lot of them as day workers from the mainland, but we'll still need a lot of skilled trades...en from up here. I'm thinking more trailers can be used temporarily. When we're done, we can take them into Limon and just give them away if necessary. They will have paid for themselves. I'm thinking we can use most of the same people for what we need for the harbor, but we need to find an experienced engineer for something like this."With a. The oil was truly extravagant. She then she took some oil in her palms and rubbed it on her soft, white thighs. Watching her rub lotion on her toned legs in the mirror was truly pleasurable. Hermione pulled the front of her already tight bra out so that she could pour a decent amount of oil inside. Then she put her hand inside and massaged the oil all over her cushiony tits. She rubbed her bra; the feeling of oily tits moving inside her bra was so exciting! Then Hermione took one oily finger. "And you black guys really do have fuckin huge cocks," I moaned in response.Then without warning he pulled out of me and flipped me over so I was bent over the bed. I was shocked for a second then I wrapped my fingers in the sheets as he drove into me wildly. He reached down and grabbed my hair. He yanked it with each thrust and I screamed even louder.Oooooh, oooooh, oooooh, ooohh fucking YESSSS!" I yelled as he rammed his hard, dark meat in and out of my burning latina pussy. He gave my big. ..he likes me to have fun. I am very selective with whom I sleep with. Well, on this Wed. we went to Gloria's and drank and danced until about 10 pm. Brad had taken me to Gloria's and was taking me back to my car at the office. He is a very handsome young man, 28, single, a stud body, and a very nice guy.Well, we had probably drank too much. Brad pulled his Suburban next to my car in the parking lot. Being the gentleman he is he opened my door for him. I accidently shot him a shot of my.

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