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So Alan asked Katherine, "What do you think, Sis? Would you rather watch two men having sex, or two women, or a man and a woman?"Katherine thought, an... replied, "I dunno. All of them sound pretty good to me, though I'm sure the first would gross you out. But I think two women, actually. No offense, but women just look so good." None taken. I completely agree ... Hold on here, Mom is getting a bit carried away ... Jesus! Slow down, Mommy!" Mmmmokaaaay," Susan mumbled as her son's boner tickled. .........''If you like'. I said.With this, Geoff started to raise his vestments, inch by inch, until they were gathered around his waist. There in all it's glory was probably one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen, it was magnificent.It was over 8 inches long, as thick as an alter candle, shaved smooth, with a big mushroom head shining in the light. Geoff's balls were big and hung low with the weight of them, the skin smooth and soft. 'Wow' was all I could say at the sight, as I could feel. Several people stood waiting for us there; three of them led the other passengers away, leaving the seven of us standing on the shore with the last.She was a young woman wearing a fabric head covering and a long, flowing beige dress decorated with the same stylized sun I remembered from the letter Fergus had showed me; she reminded me of a nun, really. She smiled serenely at us and curtsied deeply when we stopped in front of her, but when her eyes fell on me she gasped, her face blanching. She. She dropped, in slow motion, to the floor,cross-legged, staring at all the stacks of tires. Breathing so deeply.She'd forgotten it was even happening, but her clitty-cock was pulsing,pulsing, pulsing so intensely. The scent of rubber had completelyemptied her mind.Dominica leaned down toward her little pet. "Now, rubber... slave...,"she said, pointing, "I want you to wrap yourself around that stack overthere. Hug it. Fuck it. Push your aching, little clit against thetires." Oh, God, Mistress!".

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