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I start fucking him pulling out a foot of cock and driving it in deep and hard feeling his ass rippling around my cock. I hold my cum back until I fee... him cumming again, so I turn him over still on my cock and his cum shoots all over both of us. I shout and start filling his ass with cum my cock growing with each gush of cum giving him 2 more inches of cock and when I stop cumming and only dribble I let my cock soak in his ass. When I recover I give him a punch to the head and he passes out. Who was she? And who was the lucky guy who had spent this great night with her last night? Mitch had lost all hope of ever having a night like that with anyone. He had been married once, but it ended very badly. Mitch had what were referred to as performance problems. It wasn’t a subject he liked to visit, so he usually just avoided it. His relationships with females were kept strictly on the pleutonic level, even when he might have felt something deeper. Luckily, that didn’t happen often these. So seeing that man not worried about being there just in his whities, bulging in front of us, proud of his body and so confident made me want to feel like that. I had to wear them. It was quite strange as I never had been turned on by this man before but in that moment I knew I had to try.Nowadays I think he had to notice my reaction, as all I did was look directly into his bulge and nod, without saying a word, way too obvious. He left the living and life went on, but in my mind there was only. ”“I love you, too”After Ally left, I was still racking my brain as to what she had planned. We had always had open discussions about our sex life. Nothing was off-limits. I was just not sure what we’ve never done that we had talked about.Ally had gotten in her car and headed towards the mall. She grabbed her phone and dialed Kyra's cellphone. She picked up on the second ring with an excited voice, “Hi Ally. How was your night with hubby? “‘“OMG Kyra. It was incredible. From the spa to.

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