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Margie quickly swallowed again and strained to bring her tongue up hard on the bottom of his member. The shaft flexed again and again each time pumpin... his load down into her belly. He kept the shaft buried in her mouth until his orgasm began to subside. Just as Margie started to feel lightheaded he finished and pulled most of the way out. She started to clean him and suckle the last of the juice from his semi hard cock just like she had been taught. She slurped and licked making sure his. . . got you sooooo horny.“Katie . . . how about out in the shed. That would work,” called down Joy from upstairs. “Oh it would . . . you little eavesdropper. And I suppose you want some too?” Joy raced downstairs to answer.“That’s up to Darren. He is YOUR date. I’m just the little sister, trying not to be too nosey.”“No problem,” said Darren, remembering the feel of Joy’s titties minutes earlier and hoping to see the girl buck naked after she was high. “Let’s go.” Katie was a bit scared . . .. Her musk made my cock twitch with undeniable need. I nestled my face in the visible dampness of her panties inhaling deeply, filling my lungs with her scent, and my head with visions of a lust filled first union. Peeling her panties off, I took in the sight of her virginal sex. The sight of her soft, pale skin, freckled, innocent, fed my carnal frenzy. Part of me wanted desperately to plunder this woman-child, take her roughly, make her mine. Part of me wanted to seduce her, slowly sensuously,. " All right," Betty said. "I understand what you mean."They went back to the window and took turns getting onto the box and peeking, while they both listened... Cliff Anderson had been drinking too much and he knew it. He'd had a few drinks that afternoon while trying to make up his mind about whether or not he should tell Elaine about hi storrid experiance with the teenagers. He hadn't told her anything, even though she'd densed that he had something important on his mind.He'd brushed his sexy.

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