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Max climbed on top of me and rubbed his penis against my pussy. “That’s right Max,” daddy said, “make sure she’s really wet and get your coc... all slicked up.”“She’s definitely wet dad.” Max confirmed as he prepared his cock for my tight virginal pussy.“When you’re ready slowly insert your penis until you feel resistance, that’s her hymen, then stop and wait for Peyton to say she’s ready then distract her and ram it all the way in when she least expects it then stop. Now Peyton, honey it will. Then you slowly attached the other clamp to my left nipple. You occasionally touched my nipples, sending shock waves all through me. All this time while we were driving around, you would occasionally touch my hair or my face or my legs. At some point one of the clamps had slipped off my nipple and you just removed the other one. Finally, we found a road where we could get off the main road. We drove about 1/2 mile up that road and found a place to stop the car. There were trees around and a. Lol…you know now am officially a prostitute ….lol”me ” ys do you like to be a prostitute ”Mom ” no dear we don’t do it seriously na just for fun ”me “hmmmm…”mom ” why, you don’t like it dear ahh?? ”me ” no not like that if you like it means go on i don’t mind ”mom ” thank you dear , i always love your encouragement dear”then she gone to bath, i was drinking coffee and reading newspaper. then after some tme mom came from bathroom wet mom” Harsha come here i need your help”I gone behind her and. I could stare at all the cleavage I wanted without fear of a sexualharassment lawsuit! I loved the feel of my pendulous new breasts jigglingas I moved about the office.After I finished what work I could do from home, if there were depositionsor other things which needed my attention downtown I would change and thengo on in to the "real" office.Then one morning, as I was laying in bed waiting for her to finish in thebathroom, I decided to see if I could get my lingerie on under my streetclothes.

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