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Gardner, when I reviewed other things you claim to be true, I find I have no confidence in them. I do, however, have confidence in the testimony of th... other witnesses in this case. And based on that, here is your sentence:"As to the attempted second degree murder of a police officer in the commission of his duties, I sentence you to thirty-five years in the State penitentiary, without provision for parole."As to the three counts of assault with the intent to steal property, commonly called. " Beth replied.Sara then turned to the audience and pronounced sentence:Former Mistress Debbie, you have been found guilty of Violation of the "No!' Command on two separate occasions. You are herby stripped of all rights and privileges as a Mistress, and are henceforth classified as an 'Anything Goes' Slave. For your first offense you received 30 lashes. Since this is a second offense against the same Mistress, we hereby sentence you to triple that amount — 30 for each occurrence and 30 for a. "What do you think of Ryan?" Fran blurted out as soon as Chelly entered her room."He's about the nicest guy I've ever met," Chelly responded, thinking the question a bit strange. "Why?" I just wondered. I happen to know he's very interested in you." Oh? Did he tell you that?" Chelly asked."Of course not. He never would. But I can tell." So he's spent quite a bit of time with you, then?" Chelly asked."Yeah. You know he visits several patients after hours. Well, he's been putting off my bath so. She watched the crowd around her, trying to maintain a neutral expression, and trying not to let the sexual excesses get to her.Not more than two minutes after Gretchen had left, a woman wearing a collection of black leather and silver chains appeared in front of her, looking her up and down, and evaluating her the way a shopper would examine a piece of meat.“Well now, aren’t you the pretty one ... and all trussed up for the offering, aren’t you?” The woman extended a hand to Nina’s left.

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