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And it didn’t took him long to realize what was going on.By then, Sowmya was sandwiched between the two. Shah was behind her. He had his hands slipp...d in her swim suit and fondling her breasts. And Gupta was rubbing her bare pussy quite vigorously. Sowmya was finding it hard to control her moans. She had already come once and was struggling hard, not to moan loudly.Borah looked curiously at them, initially in amusement but slowly it turned into utter surprise as he gradually recognized the girl. " "With me?" "No, of course not. With Henry." "Oh?" As if I didn't know! "You'll never believe what happened." "What?" "I caught him Pete. Wearing my underwear!" "Did you?" "You don't sound surprised Pete, is it something you men do?" "Well, maybe some do. But not me." She looked down the bed at me in her stockings and panties with my cock beginning to harden again. "Well it seems to have done you no harm! Maybe I was a bit tough on him, after all It's obviously a turn on for you." "And for. "Oh yes," I said squeezing her size 'D's hard, "tell me all about it."This wasn't the first sexy story she had imparted to me and they had never failed to turn us both on."Well the whole object was to fuck as many guys in one day as we could," she said."So who won?" I asked thrusting harder into her sopping pussy."Mostly she did," she confessed, "it wasn't fair really for she used to work in this big office with tons of guys handy, but I got the record of 27." 27 fucks in one day?" I said."No,. “The stretching routine I do is an advanced ballet stretch. Putting someone through it and not treating them for muscle strains afterwards would leave them crippled for days. I told her that and explained it. If she characterized it as inappropriate touching, then I don’t see what this meeting is even supposed to accomplish.”Both of them visibly blanched at the bald language I was pushing. I delivered the whole speech in the monotone of someone who’s run their emotions ragged.“I was hoping we.

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