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Office on a Saturday afternoon? Yes, he was working in a new project. There we went, talking about a lot of things but avoiding any reference to what ...ould happen there.As soon as we entered into his office, as suspected there was nobody working there, George took me in his arms and gave me my first contact with another mans tongue. Really I felt in heaven. Slowly he unzipped my jeans and went to his knees to give me a wonderful (no way to compare for me, but it felt great)blow job. What. " Ah." The grin faded while he pondered that. Then, infuriatingly, it broke free again, "I would like to say to my classmates," he turned slightly to face them, "that I hope to be as good a teacher as Ms. Beaugoud who is excellent." he glanced back at her then continued, "But, confidentially, I hate grading homework so I give way less that she does."There was the expected amount of cheering and laughter at this news and Elaine threw up her hands knowing that any useful teaching was done for the. " I already have the key... lets go."Dawn let Brenda take her hand and it seemed the most natural thing to follow the woman. She wasn't stupid and realized what would happen once they were alone, yet Dawn let her newfound friend lead the way. Any other time, she would have worried about being seen holding another woman's hand, but something was different this time. The younger woman seemed confident and happy to lead the way and Dawn never hesitated. She watched Brenda's seductive hips sway. . Once again I put my hand on her tit. This time, she did not move my hand.For a while I rubbed her tits, then I placed a hand under her blouse. She stiffened up, but as I continued to kiss her, she relaxed. I removed her blouse, and her bra and glanced at her nice tits. Firm, with a hard nipple. Then I bent down and began to kiss her tits. First one, then the other. Anne was breathing heavy and even let out a slight moan ever now and then . Now my hand was under her skirt. "Please.

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