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That foghorn cough we both had eased some in the steam. But a couple of hours later, we’d both be coughing again. The doctor at the University Clini... had given us each a dose of steroids and told us to rest. He also told me that we had different, though related, illnesses and that I might be sick with bronchitis longer than Emily was sick with the croup. I’d need to be careful not to infect her with my brand.As careful as I tried to be, Emily was clear of the croup for only about a day before. You spank my sore ass and get it nice and red, again. You like the feeling of my hot ass against you.You tease me by rubbing the dildo around my rosebud, my dripping pussy and everywhere between. ?Please stop teasing me Mistress. Please put your dildo in my pussy.? I beg. You give me what I asked for. You give me no warning, you just shove it in without a problem. ?Uhhhh? I yell out.?Is this what you want pet. Do you like being bent over like a dog in heat???Yes Mistress yes.? Is all I manage. Inside I feel very very hot while on the outside I feel like a bucket of ice cold water has been dumped on me. I don't know if I am freezing in place or melting could be both."I.....I" she keeps rubbing that finger and undoes her second button. I feel heavy and light, I thirsty i need to drink that bucket of water it is HOT. I am trying to focus on what's shes asking me but instead my captivated by her undoing her button and rubbing her cleavage. I don't know I feel like she maybe trying to. She was single and called Kay.It also became clear that she’d turned towards girls as she couldn’t trust another man.I told her that not every man is a bastard like her ex boyfriend, and she acknowledged that. Donna went upstairs for a wash round as she was sweaty and she could see what might happen, also Kays hair was also wet, when I’d called her round she’d just got out of the shower and thru something on.As she sat at the table I told her how pretty she was, she smiled and brushed my leg,.

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