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Fortunately, they were still tired and frightened, so they were not difficult to herd into the dark alleys that The Ghost used to convey them to Betty...s bordello. He took them in that back door and had the girls sit on the floor to rest while he went to find Betty. She was in her office and came with him without any urging.The girls were still naked and still had the bloody crotches, so Betty knew what needed doing first. The girls were given a blanket and taken in for a bath. Once cleaned,. She continued to groan as I slid a second finger into her. I began doing a “come here” motion with my fingers and she orgasmed instantly. I got on my back as she turned around, unzipped my pants, and pulled out my fully erect, 9” cock. She slowly jacked it for a few long and glorious minutes. Then, she placed the tip of it on her tongue. She took it an inch at a time until it was all the way down her throat. I could hear her gag as my cock reached the back of her throat. She blew me for. From the nearest town.We settled in , my wife Kay and I enjoyed our new home ,and the privacy of our new farm adventure.After a few months I went walking through the country side alone to re generate my thoughts and to appreciate our new surroundings .On one occasion I arrived home a lot earlier than normal,to my surprise I found Kay completely naked in the lounge room with our ----- ,his penis was out of the -----, Kay was covered in cum.My first reaction was total shock, wondering what Kay. I went to sleep that night imagining how it had felt for Sarah having Doug man handle her.The next day I was going to have the house to myself and I knew how I was going to spend it. Suzy had persuaded Mum that she should have a pair of those jeans and I was going to try them on. I went to her room, found the jeans and sat down to put them on. I slid them up my legs, over my ass and did the button up. My erection was making an obscene bulge at the front of the jeans – not very lady like! But I.

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