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Tears streamed from her eyes, not from the painshe could bear thatbut because the Gods had forsaken her again. To die was her only wish. Get away from...her! Alexia demanded. The children turned to see the auburn haired girl across the courtyard. Rage burned in her hazel eyes. Behind her back, she held the handle of the broom, the head of the weapon long since discarded. I wont tell you punks again! she warned. A second of hesitation and confusion spread through their ranks. Get her! the husky. Helen turned to face Karla; reaching out and taking a handful of the younger woman’s fair hair. She used her grip to wrench her upwards - forcing Karla to strain herself up off the ground with the pain of having her hair pulled. Jason’s mother held Karla in this position - uncomfortably stretched upwards from her seated place on his floor - and spoke to her in a harsh and spiteful tone.“So quickly you forget.” Helen taunted Karla. She gave her son a quick glance; looking satisfied when she saw. While making out with her i gently started to fuck her in a standard missionary position with her legs wide open. I held her hands firmly with my hands and gave her long and a slow stokes. It was always amazing when you fuck somebody in a missionary position and lick her neck and lips in pain and pleasure.I felt that i was about to cum and i started to give her long, rough and sudden strokes which made both of us scream in pain and i came. I rose from the bed went to her wash room, disposed the. I use my hand on her stomach to push as I tell her we have to go in now, get up. Nothing other than a little rush of air from her as i pushed on her stomach. So I use my fist now. Putting it on her stomach and pushing in. Each time pushing harder and further to hear her uummph as I push. I figure is she wakes up I tell her I'm just trying to wake her up. I mean I was giving her some good hard deep pushes, over and over. We must have sat in the driveway 30 minutes with me sitting there working.

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