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?I can’t believe your mom’s married to such a loser,? said the boyfriend as he zipped up his jeans.?A worthless pig,? Alecia agreed. ? I may have ...o enlighten her someday.?Alecia walked up to Mark and put her arms around his neck.?How about taking me to your place and give me a real fucking?? she asked him, loud enough for the slave to hear.?See you next month during the women’s meeting, Fuckhead.? was all she said as they left.It was the fourth month of Mondays, the slave had self-bound. We kissed in the small kitchen as she made me a drink I caressed her back and ass as she leant into me and moaned I slid my hand under her skirt and ran it over panties and teased her pussy lips.As she clung to me moaning she said. “Mom might be home soon we better go into my room but be quiet Rachel is asleep”.Jess led me by the hand to her room and pulled me inside, I notice she and her sister shared a set of bunk beds with Jess taking the top bunk. Again she whispered to me.“We have to be. But by next day night I brought courage and I itself went and talked to her.She hesitated to speak initially but after a week she started to speak freely to me. Her husband is working at US and she is residing with her husband’s patents and taking care of them. Both of them were so I’ll they couldn’t even get up from the bed and so she kept a nurse at her home. During her leisure time she used to come for a walk she doesn’t have children too. One fine day she asked me to come to her apartment.I. “I would do it, you know,” she stated without hesitation or second thought. “I know, Mom,” he commented with sincere gratitude. “But afterward I would have to spend time and money posting bail for you, then get you a lawyer.”Jackie shrugged her shoulders.“Thanks, though,” he said.She grinned.I’ll wait a while, to let him marinate in the idea of me being his prom date. Then I have to tell him what has to be done next. I’ll do that after dinner tonight.*“We need to practice what?!” he questioned.

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