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I was feeling great but I know that I was about to come so I bring back my other hand not the action hand, and stopped her. Then I put my cock inside ...he pant .my mind wasn’t willing to do but it can’t be done it this kind of place so killing my mind I put my cock inside. But the game was continuing at her pussy.After some time she pulled my hand back I was not willing but I do it Now one of her friend talked “how get out of this bus in this pack?’ Then I got the feeling that they are about to. It was almost like a DNA match, or a finger print. No two people did magic exactly the same. I had become familiar with the style of magic Markus used, as he had became with mine. I knew that subtle use of magic. He had tried to disguise the fact that he had interfered with my spell. But it was definitely his. Once I knew to look, it was like reading a sign saying, "Markus was here."I never would have noticed it, if hadn't been for Lauder. Damn it! Markus had to be the leak who had informed. I was a bit confused until I finally realized what was going on. Subtly reaching my hand over between Michaela’s legs, I was surprised to find Deanna’s hand had already beat me there, and her hand wasn’t just sitting there… I moved my hand over Michaela’s bikini to find that Deanna’s hand was beneath it. I also slid my hand underneath and placed it over hers, now able to feel the motion of her fingers sliding into my girlfriend’s pussy. I looked at Deanna to see a smile on her face and the. I pick up what looks like apair of jeans shorts and no freaking way this is a skirt. Holy smoke Icannot wear a skirt.'Knocking on the door lightly' "Are you dressed yet Kellie?"I look very fast and see nothing to put on. "Almost hold on." I slidethe skirt up my legs and zip it up on the side. "Okay I'm dressed." Oh I'm so sorry to bug you. Wow, that skirt looks so pretty on you.Let me fix it for you the zipper goes in the back I guess you don'twear many skirts back home. I think you look so.

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