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Almost every day, my dad would hit me at least once for no apparent reason. Even things such as getting up late in the morning earned me a spanking. ...And they weren't just any regular spankings. He was usually drunk and would reach for whatever was in arms reach to beat me with. My mother couldn't do shit about it for fear of getting it worse than me. It was like that all through fucking grammar school. I was angry. Angry that he could do such sadistic things to just a kid. Things got. After a quick look around, she knelt before me. "You're showing about half an inch past the length of your shorts." I felt her hot breath at the tip of my compressed hard-on, and then her lips and tongue.My distress grew as did my blood pressure. I whispered, "I don't think this is a good place for this."Looking down I found her eyes watching my face. Her tongue extended to my cock head and her mouth spread wide in a smile. For a few more seconds she continued to tease me, and then pulled back. You sit first.” Meredith hesitates looking at it, ”I don’t know, you know I don’t like heights.” I snicker at her, ”don’t be silly, you want me to really blindfold you so can’t see it? You really have gotten scared of stuff. Cuz SAMmie won’t let you try anything.” She gives me a dirty look and tightens the scarf back after she gingerly sits down on the teeter totter. I look at her for a second, just sitting there on the down half of the seesaw, hands gripping the hold bar very tight. And I. He felt his stinger growing stronger, longer, more potent under the girl’s ministrations.While feeling better in his euphoria, he foggily remembered that a bee could only sting once, then it would die. JP didn’t want to die, but he still wanted his potent stinger. He knew if he could focus on other tasks he could prevent his stinger from shooting its load, thus preventing his death. With the plan in mind, he dove with more passion to collect nectar. Soon, Sunshine succumbed to his onslaught.

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