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I was at the age where I wanted to believe my mother had never had sex at all, and that Suzie and I were magic or something. You know the deal. Anyway... he made this giggling, groaning sound and went all stiff for a few seconds and then there was an explosion of some kind of golden dust or something and he like bounced off of the bed. He landed right on his boots, except that it didn't make enough sound. It was like he only weighed a few ounces. He looked down at my mother ... my naked mother. I wasn't going to stop short of total conquest and I was going to make sure she knew it. As I neared the point of climax and pressed as deep into her as I could, I saw the look of fear and helplessness overcome her face as she realised what I would soon be doing. I kissed her passionately and explained what I was about to do. She began sobbing and complaining, but I shooshed her and instructed her that she was to concentrate and feel my cum shoot deep into her womb as she would enjoy it. Then I. I was a little bit fuzzy and so I accepted their help.On our way to the elevator, some thoughts started to swirl in my head about what was going to happen with these black well hung men. I was getting wetter and wetter even more every minute.Once inside my room, the two of them grabbed me with their huge hands and touched what seemed like every inch of my body. Then they dragged me to the bed and the three of us got undressed in a couple seconds.Burke took off his belt and put it around my. ”As you follow your instructions and slow your breathing, even maintaining it when I secure the cuff on your other wrist, and bound your other arm to the bed. Now naked laid on your bed, with your breasts bound and beginning to colour nicely, from light pink to dark pink, the colour is also an indicator of sensitivity, and I know your nipples will be so delicious sensitive now.“Well Jane this part is going to hurt some, to begin with...but remember your breathing.”Then you feel the slight pain.

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