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" Wow! Are you sure it's strong enough for that?" Amanda asked, sounding a little concerned."Oh yah." he assured her. "Her tailbone is resting on the ...ery base of my cock. She should be okay." No, I meant your cock." Amanda corrected."Oh. Well, her body's holding it up, and as long as it can't get bent down, it can hold a lot at the base." he explained."Wow." Amanda stated.Corey began bouncing on the balls of his feet, producing just enough movement to move his cock in and out of Cindy's ass a. It’s sopping wet, father. I’m fingering myself. I might make myself come right here in the confessional.”He unzipped his jeans. He had to make space for his erection.“It’s ok,” he told her. “It will all be forgiven. Just say five hail Marys and three Our Fathers.” Then he added, “And one more thing.”He tugged down the front of his briefs and presented his cock through the confessional port. For a moment nothing happened. Had he misread her and done something offensive? Then he felt her warm. “I’d be jealous and hurt and probably wouldn’t want to talk to you at all.”“And if I then professed to love you despite what you seen me doing?” I asked.“I’d have doubts.” She confessed with fresh tears rolling down her cheeks. “What are we … you going to do Ranjeet?”I had been thinking about that myself, one thing was certain I still loved my wife, the question was could I handle her having been fucked by so many men at the whim of a man who it later turned out had been trying to recruit her. He had me lie down and he started to suck me. It was my first time and it felt really nice. He wanted me to suck him and I disappointed him when I declined. I was scared about germs and naive but I was really being selfish and stupid. He was wondering when I was going to cum and I told him it was hard for me to cum by stroking. I told him that I could cum if he let me rub it up and down on his bare butt. He seemed reluctant but we went into the dark bedroom and both of us took off all of our.

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