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The 4 boys went to Harry'sand J.W's room for a chat and a drink. "You guys are great to be around withand we hope you will continue to be friends." J...W smiled to them. “So do youguys want some fun before bed." Harry asked them. “Does a bear shit in the woods?"Shawn laughed. “Don’t know about bears but I had a shit in the woods once andboy did it stink." Toby giggled.4 boys now naked, swapped partners and moved to the beds for a little actionand fingers were now stroking hard cut cocks back and. “He’s going to have a black lanyard before he enters kindergarten.” John closed his eyes and laughed as he listed the mischief a 3 to 5-year-old might get into with that kind of power.“Is that a green lanyard around his neck?” Sam asked. When he got nods, he asked, “Has Willy stopped a bullet?”“Yes. I will tell you the story later. It was a little one from an Uzi.” John laughed as Sam rolled his eyes.Sam got up, “Going to walk around, sir.”“What are you feeling Sam?” John asked.Sam looked. I was moaning and groaning with each stroke. Nearing an orgasm she stopped and slipped her body on mine. I was on my back and she was on top of me her legs on each side of my torso and her pantyhose covered pussy was dangerously close to my hard shaft. She lifted her top to expose her very ample bust covered by a red lacy bra that matched what was left of her panties. She slid the straps down her shoulders and then pulled her arms through the openings. The cups filled with her breasts was now. Michele could feel Steve's hard penis sliding up and down her leg and wassurprised to find that the sensation was highly arousing. When he slidhis cock into the silken trap behind her bent knee she clenched her kneeso that his penis was clamped between the sensitive nylon sheathed skinof her calf and thigh; she moved her leg from side to side and feltSteve's hot cock secrete warm moist droplets of sticky pre-come which wasabsorbed into her stockings and pantyhose.When Steve moved his cock up.

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