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Seeing the boner I had and that it was still covered, Alanna moved right in front of me and kneeled, pausing only to get my shirt off and my cock out ...aster then I had imagined possible. She began rubbing her hand up and down my already hard 8 inch cock and a minute or so after closing my eyes to enjoy the feeling of her hand I felt her warm mouth start to envelope my cock. Although Alanna had sucked dick before, she had never sucked on as large as the one in her mouth right now. At first only. She gave a loud moan. I continued to suck her more for quite some time.She came and I cleaned her pussy by licking every drop of her love juice. She got up and removed my shirt, pant and pulled my boxer down. She held my dick, pulled my foreskin back, kissed my dick on top of the pink color mushroom head and began to suck my dick. She was fast.I came so quick inside her mouth. She drank my cum. She did not stop sucking my limp dick, kept on sucking my dick soon I began hard again. She rolled a. He watched her, arching up to meet the kiss without saying anything, however when she left him sitting at the door he waited for a moment, before whining softly, calling for her attention. When no answer came, he squirmed then slowly stood and crossed their small house, only to kneel down once more in their bedroom’s door way, watching her with a pair of cool eyes, hidden behind his dark glasses. Again he whined, vying for some sort of attention. He hadn’t seen her in almost eight hours. 4 broad solder big eyes not fully grown bread or mush I was a good student so never had a girl friend nor like other boys used to take any interest in girls.Now the story so after dinner v were send to sleep where our bedding were made my cousin Seema was wearing a loose t shirt and a legging and i was in my kurta pajama. I lay next to her sharing the alone pillow v both were chatting about our school and other matters when suddenly she whispered in my years love candy if I tell u do something.

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