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Some I had seen with a playboy on their arms, some attending social functions with a rich husband by their sides. All of them smiled and nodded when C...rina introduced me to them. Most of them came in cars driven by a chauffeur, but a few drove themselves, but all the cars were expensive.Once the card games started, silence except for the sound of bidding could be heard. So I left them to it and went into the kitchen, to get a cup of coffee. Jane was there preparing a large plate of sandwiches. She was beating the heat in india and was becoming red like an apple. She was looking like a doll! Perfect slender legs! More over everything, I could see her love. I booked a hotel in itc grand chola for 3 days andFirst thing she noticed was the fucking traffic and the way people drive here and she was scared that someone would die in front of her. We reached the hotel and as soon as we checked in the room, we couldn’t stop ourselves from kissing wildly and threw our bags and just kept kissing. It seemed like forever, but finally I heard the door open. I listened as it sounded like he was undressing then I felt him climb on to the bed behind me. He pulled out my butt plug and immediately replaced it this his cock. It was big and I wasn't prepared. I tried to get away but I couldn't go anywhere. He was fucking me very rough and it was clear he didn't care how if enjoyed it. I was just a hole for him to fuck. He didn't last long, and after a few minutes I could feel his cock swell and. " He didn't even let me break to pee. There was a puddle between my legs by the day's end. He did feed me and keep me hydrated and the day in October was fairly warm, so I didn't suffer much more than some restraint, mild fondling, and humiliation. Oh, he did offer me a car. With the Blue Bomber titled to me I had no need for one, so thank you anyhow Thom.Jan Thayer, the Program Administrator, had been very impressed with my initiatives and had filed a letter of commendation with the Secretary.

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